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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

Each year at Exclusive hotels & venues we create an exciting and fun filled evening to showcase the best of what is available to prospective clients

In January 2018 we hosted a Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed party, with myself and my team from Pennyhill Park creating a dessert display from the scene of the chocolate river in the film. 

To our guests' delight, everything on the table was edible, featuring

chocolate fountains

fruit jelly lollies

Candy cane eclairs

chocolate cones

Mushroom cakes - Mango - Raspberry - Chocolate 

Raspberry lemonade fizzy uplifting drink

Wonka chocolate bars

Blackberry and Gin macarons

Edible chocolate mint grass

A Wonka themed Chocolate Show piece

wonka cakes
wonka desserts
Prepring the dessert buffet
Chocolate showpiece
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