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October 2017

Best Chocolate Snack to go

2nd Place

The World Chocolate Masters is the only competition in the world dedicated to the individual creativity of chocolatiers and pastry chefs with chocolate

Futropolis - The Theme

A quest for tomorrow’s chocolate flavours

By 2025, half of the world’s population will live in megacities with 10 million inhabitants or more. Cities that are green at heart, and where all colours, cultures and tribes meet. Cities where different disciplines and creative juices connect: art, design, gastronomy, food growing and so much more!


How will chefs source inspiration from these cities? How will these cities define tomorrow’s flavours? How will they influence the next generation of chocolate and pastry products? That’s our quest during this new edition of the World Chocolate Masters. More than ever, this is a competition oriented towards the future of cocoa and chocolate. Tomorrow’s flavours lead to Futropolis.


The earth began with mother nature. As we can continue to advance technology if we do not respect nature and work with it, we will not survive. The base of the showpiece is an interpretation of mother nature emerging from water holding up

Earth, a dark smoggy city of the future - This is what our future holds if we continue to abuse our planet with pollution. 

Snack to go

Created to include the 5 key areas of our taste palette - Sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami it uses specific chocolates to invigorate these areas of our palette. Sweet - Alunga, Zephr & Zephr caramel, Salt - salted caramel popcorn, chocolate sable. Bitter - Extra Bitter 64%. Sour - Lemon Umami - Miso

Steamed chocolate sponge, Olive oil Ganache, Zephr caramel & miso cremeux, Malted milk chocolate whipped ganache, Chocolate sable, salted caramel popcorn & white chocolate miso & lemon sorbet. 

Dessert of the day

Focused around layers of textures and flavour

Tempered chocolate, Chocolate cremeux, Hazelnut crumble, raspberry gel, aerated chocolate, chocolate custard, roasted hazelnuts. 

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